The Perfect Nursery Design

One of the most exciting decorating projects for anyone is that of a nursery. For couples, mums-to-be, friends and family expecting a visit from the stork the planning of the nursery is high up on the list of priorities along with naming the new little one. Modern nursery design is more versatile than in the past and today’s nursery colours can be bold and bright, classical, restrained, or anywhere in between. One important aspect of nursery décor and design is the incorporation of elements that allow the room to grow with the child. What starts out as a newborn nursery should conveniently adapt into a young child’s bedroom with minimum modification. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect nursery that will remain appealing and visually stimulating to your child in the early years.


Avoid very “babyish” themes that will quickly be outgrown. Opt for themes and colour schemes with more ageless appeal. Stripes, checks, stars, hot air balloons, clouds, farm animals, ponies, sailboats, seashells, ballerinas, or astronauts are all themes appropriate for the newborn nursery that will maintain appeal up to around five years of age.

Neutralise wall and floor colours

Save vivid colours for accents and accessories and stick to neutrals on the walls and floors. Consider white, cream, sand, eggshell. Bring bright nursery colours into the room using designer nursery bedding, pictures, removable wall decals, bright area rugs, stuffed animals, and other colourful nursery accessories. If you are using carpet, keep this neutral so you can change the look of the room with different fabric options for curtains, soft furnishings, and bedding.

Choose Adaptable Nursery Furniture

While some of the custom-made pieces such as baby changing units are beautiful, the function is limited as once baby grows the piece of furniture is redundant. Choose instead a flat top chest of drawers where you can place a baby-changing mat on top and the piece of furniture will continue to give years of service. Check and see if the furnishings such as a cot can be adapted to become a toddlers bed as this will be cost saving.

Do not fill the newborn nursery with unnecessary furniture, simple is more effective. A crib, rocking chair, and a chest of drawers that doubles as a changing table is all that is needed in a small nursery. A clear floor area becomes a crawling and waling space for baby to practice and becomes a play area later on. Built in drawers are a good idea and some cots have this feature otherwise attractive baskets can be placed under the cot for storage and can be used for toys later on. A small bookcase placed inside a wardrobe suffices for extra storage and when the time is right can be put to its real job of storing your child’s library. Similarly, a storage box can be used for nappies and accessories and later become a toy box.

The finishing touches are important, gentle lamps, musical toys or small CD player, night light and teddy bears all contribute to a dream nursery design.

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