Timeless Trends for Interior Design Ideas

All of a sudden, someone announces that this year’s colour from Pantone is Emerald! Hoorah – all change on the sitting room walls. Colours and trends change quite regularly and it is often overwhelming trying to keep up your contemporary looks when the fabric du jour is Laurence Llewellyn Bowen’s velvet pantaloons or Jasper Conran’s stark linen. How then do we keep up with the latest in interior design ideas, colours, and trends and yet retain a timeless feel. Not always easy to do and if you are like us, when one moment takes us to vivid mauves and purples of rustic Provence lavender fields and the next a chrome loft in Greenwich Village, satisfying our need for change needs a little discipline!

Here we present some timeless tips for interior design ideas you can follow simply.

Minimalist Look

Less is always more as the expression goes. The less dusting you have to do the better! Overcrowded shelves and tables become overwhelming sometimes and a less cluttered look is never out of style. Stay with functional furniture that is in proportion to the room size for clean lines and sense of space. 2

Colour Accents

As we mentioned in our opening, Emerald is the colour of the year according to Pantone and last year it was tangerine. Obviously unless the intention is to have a home that looks like an Irish or Indian national flag, then keeping up with the colour changes is putting your home at risk of madly clashing hues, as it is impossible to keep up year on year. What is possible is to use colour accents when you want to update a room. Rather than spending on big-ticket items like sofas and curtains, or painting the walls in the colour of the moment, use décor accessories and fabric items to make the colour pop. Vases, cushions throws, and pictures in accent colours can be swapped in and out as trends in interior design ideas change.

Functional Furnishings

Keep furniture functional. This advice comes to you on good authority, as watching television in a trendy bucket seat is less than comfortable shall we say! Unless a wonderful and stylish item of furniture is comfortable and easy to use, leave it in the showroom looking beautiful. If you want to display the item at home looking beautiful as art, then buy it!

Quality Instead of Quantity

Less is more is the key phrase again. Because you have display spaces, it does not mean you need to have decorative items, keepsakes, books and art spilling over the edges and cramming every inch of wall space. Choose a few special items carefully and concentrate on the quality of these pieces.

Use Nature

Natural lighting shows off your room in the best possible way. Window dressings should maximise the available light from outdoors. If there is a lack of natural light then choose quality lighting that gives a natural lighting glow in the room.


Splurging out on trendy, poorly made home items is a false economy as they will not be durable and need replacing often. If you spend wisely on a quality piece, it will stand the test of time and become a timeless classic and heirloom.

Keep it Warm

Timeless tones such as ochre, plum, and caramel warm up a room space. Whether you go for a total look or just use these colours as accents, they will make your home chic yet cosy and welcoming irrespective of current trends.

Fifty shades of Grey

Colour we are talking about – not anything else that may have crossed your minds! In home décor and fashion grey is a classic timeless colour that is staying put. From slate to dove grey, hints of blue to steely hues, this colour looks good anywhere including kitchens and bathrooms where granite tops and marble floors carry this shade.

Clever Storage

If you swing from shabby chic to minimalist moods regularly or just want to keep organised, clever storage is essential in any home. Smart storage keeps homes under control and residents happy. Storage is easy to incorporate into your design choices from clever under stairs options, armoires and dressers, kitchen and bedroom units to simple but effective ways of using unusual receptacles for storage.

Our message is have your cupcake and eat it! Not all pieces in the home need to be bang on trend, exchanging accessories from season to season, painting an accent wall, and storing excess décor items can result in a simple transformation to bring you bang up to date with a fresh interior design ideas trendy look.

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    Adan Bert 17/07/2013 at 10:56 am #

    Nice ideas, I will certainly apply these beautiful ideas in my home improvement project. The advice on nature lighting is really superb. Thanks for this stuff.

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