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Module 1


The History of Style, Interiors and Architecture

  • See the influence of history on interior design and how it impacts on design schemes today
  • Learn about the Georgian, Victorian and Art Deco periods
  • Discover how global influences and social ethos can influence interior design such as the Gustavian, American Colonial and Shaker Movement
  • Create your own Historical Collage to help you research past influences on interior design
  • Module 2


    Current Trends

  • Understand how current trends can impact on design schemes today
  • Undertake your own research and create a Current Trend Collage to help broaden your knowledge of today’s influences on interior design
  • Module 3


    Colour Theory

  • Look at colour in depth and learn how colours work together
  • Master the basics of understanding the Colour Wheel
  • Recognise primary, secondary and tertiary colours
  • Learn about triadic, complementary, split-complementary, harmonious and monochromatic schemes and make 6 colour pieces
  • Create a Colour Mood Board
  • Module 4


    Designing With Colour

  • Understand the psychology of colour and how colours can impact on the feel of a room
  • Learn how colour can be used to give an illusion of space in interiors
  • Discover how to use colour with aspect in mind
  • Working to a design specification, create a Colour Brief Mood Board
  • Module 5


    Surveys, Plans and Ergonomics

  • Understand the importance of ergonomics when designing a space
  • Learn how to undertake a site survey
  • Take accurate measurements of a room of your choice
  • Draw a 1:20 Scaled Floorplan
  • Module 6


    Room Design

  • Be guided through the design considerations when planning a Living Room, Dining Room, Home-Based Office, Bedroom and Bathroom
  • Understand the design process and where to begin
  • Start to work on your own room design scheme
  • Source samples of fabrics, paint, wallcovering, accessories and visuals for your final scheme board
  • Module 7


    Lighting Design

  • Understand the different types of lighting and where best to use them
  • Create lighting collages
  • Design your own lighting plan
  • Module 8



  • Understand the importance of elevations as a visual guide
  • Create scaled elevations for your own room design
  • Module 9


    Scheme Boards

  • See examples of scheme boards
  • Create your own final scheme board for your room design
  • Module 10


    Designing For Clients

  • Understand the stages involved when designing for clients
  • Meeting the Client
  • Client Brief Questionnaire
  • The Project
  • Your Fees, Payment Terms and Schedules
  • Contracts / Terms and Conditions
  • Working with Suppliers and Contractors
  • Your Portfolio and Testimonials
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