Understanding Colour Psychology

Colour psychology has long been utilised to create sensations of comfort or spaciousness. Colours often have diverse meanings in several cultures. In Western cultures, the meanings of different colours have changed over time.

Colour psychology generally studies how colour affects people’s emotions. Colour psychology is extremely important to comprehend when deciding on colours for your house. Below is a range of the effects that the basic primary an secondary colours normally have on individuals, taken after studies in colour psychology.

• Yellow is a pleasant colour. It can help us in getting out of bed in the early morning as well as drawing awareness, or encouraging us to stay alert. Think about using a buttery colour in the kitchen or a living space of a person who is not actually a morning individual.
• Blue is a relaxing colour that has a soothing impression. It reminds people of the sky and water, which is calming but can develop depressive disorders. Blue is a good colour for a kid’s living space.
• Red is a colour that intensifies emotions. It can be really passionate, but can result in violence. Red can cause people to feel more hunger. Consider utilising red in a bedroom or dining area.
• Green is similar to grass, plants and nature. It is always calming and tranquil. Green isn’t as calming as blue, therefore it would be a more sensible choice for an individual who suffers with depression. Think about using green colour in a living space.
• Purple is a noble colour that is not incredibly common naturally, thus it brings up a sense of extravagance. Purple can be soothing and enhance imagination. Consider working with a purple colour in an exquisite space or in an artistic room, similar to an art room.
• Orange is a strong and exciting colour. It needs attention, however it can be comfortable and enticing when blended with a bit of brown. Consider utilising coppery brown gadgets in a living area.

Whatever colour you choose, do not be hesitant to take chances. A lot of people prefer not to live in an ordinary white, gray, or light tan home. So, it’s all your choice!


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