Understanding Professional Designations for Interior Designers

Understanding professional designations for interior designers does not have to be too difficult. The term professional designation simply means an interior designer has a certification from a university, private certifier, professional body, or other seat of learning. Some particular certifications especially if awarded by one of the prestigious member bodies of interior design need to be periodically renewed. Continued education is always essential for interior designers as styles and trends change and they need to be abreast of all style trends.

Professional associations, private companies, non-profit bodies, or trade organisations that are concerned with maintaining and raising standards award many professional designations for interior designers.The growth of these kinds of professional affiliations is in response to the changing market for employment. Understanding professional designations for interior designers allows individuals and employers to recognise that an individual meets a strict set of standards and accomplishment. These designations are transportable and offer a standard impartial third party reference for the interior designer in addition to their personal resume, experience, and knowledge.

Note that these professional certifications are earned from an industry society or educational institute, not from the UK government.

The design industry in the UK offers many different types of certification from City and Guilds qualifications to university degrees. The two main professional bodies in the UK that would offer professional designation in the design industry are The British Institute of Interior Design and The Chartered Society of Designers (CSD).

The British Institute of Interior Design

This is the professional organisation in the UK for interior designers. There are national and international members who represent commercial, residential, heritage and cutting edge sectors of interior design. Entry requirements for interior designers are strict and the assessment includes validating professionalism, training, and experience. Members are expected to continue their professional development with further training. This organisation has been awarded Institute status by the Minister of State.The institute has partnerships with other construction industry bodies and designers. Any interior designer who belongs to the Institute will meet certain standards and operate to a professional set of values.

The Chartered Society of Designers

This professional designation is for designers and is also an authority on design practice. This chartered body is the largest in the world with a 33-country membership across all disciplines. Royal Charter governs the Society; therefore, its members are required to uphold the highest professional standards. The Society is a registered charity and works for the benefit of the community. The Society is not a trade organisation and CSD membership is not awarded lightly. Only when an interior designer has proven their professional competence is membership awarded. If a designer has FCSD or MCSD after their name, it should guarantee a professional service.

The society exists in order to promote sound principles of design in all areas to further design practice, and encourage members to study design techniques. With a community emphasis, the society aims to secure a body of professional designers and regulate the industry to benefit of industry and the public.

Understanding professional designations for interior designers helps when it comes to choosing someone to design a scheme for you. Many interior designers have these credentials but many do not. As with many creative fields, natural talent is something that cannot be learned and some designers excel without being accredited. Many interior designers also have personal standards of work that exceed the professional designations. Membership of these prestigious organisations is but one way to establish an interior designer’s credentials.

Our graduates are industry recognised and have high standards of professional competence, so if you are considering interior design as a career, call us for more information.

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