Valentine’s Day

Top Tips For Red Interior Design Schemes

We all associate red as the colour of passion and energy but did you know it can raise your blood pressure too?

Red is also a brilliant appetite enhancer, so is the perfect colour to choose for a dining room.

Isn’t that fascinating?

Top Tips For Red Interior Design Schemes

Knowing how and where to use colour is a skill you’ll learn on our interior design courses.

Top Tips For Red Interior Design Schemes

Our students tell us they love learning about colour.

The Psychology Of Colour

The psychology of colour, choosing the right colour for different rooms and learning how colour has an impact on a scheme, is always a very popular part of an interior design course with us.

Our Most Popular Online Interior Design Course

In on our most popular online interior design course, My Professional Interior Design Course we ask our students to create colour mood boards. So they can experiment with proportions of colour, colour combinations and try out different shades, tints and tones.

Top Tips For Red Interior Design Schemes
Dawn created a colour mood board to experiment with using red and green as a complementary colour scheme for a kitchen. Would you choose this colour scheme?

As February is the month of Valentine’s Day, we of course, here at My Interior Design School wanted to share our thoughts about decorating with red.

What should you think about when decorating with red?

As such a strong colour, it should be used in moderation, so it works really well on a statement wall or as a pop of colour. Like here in this dramatic bathroom scheme.

Top Tips For Red Interior Design Schemes

Take care when using red in a bedroom scheme!

Depending on how you combine the red into the room, it may not feel calm and tranquil. If you do choose red, consider using a variety of shades, tints and tones from the darkest red to the palest pink, as shown here in this monochromatic red scheme.

Top Tips For Red Interior Design Schemes

We love the use of different shades, tints, tones and textures in this scheme, which gives an opulent and decadent feel to this bedroom.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
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