Wall Decoration: 10 New Ideas

Many people consider that decorating a wall is simply a question of hanging a print, clock, or family photo on the wall, but there is much more décor accents that can be used to transform a room without spending a fortune. Looking through some of the latest options and trends will help you to choose something interesting and unique that looks great with the existing décor of the room. Walls are the perfect backdrop to display your creativity and make your walls a talking point. If you have ever visited homes with interesting wall decoration, you find your eyes drawn to what is on the walls and who hasn’t been caught staring at the walls instead of the person you are talking to. Often in this type of home where the walls are interesting visitors cannot help themselves drifting around the room admiring the décor.

Today, there are so many interesting textiles, metal wall sculptures, mirrors, wall lights, artwork, and ornate plaster mouldings you will be spoilt for choice. A wall is also the perfect backdrop for a personal collection of ceramics, photographs of ancestors, children’s paintings, books, dolls, or an eclectic mix of everything. Obviously, the current style and theme of your room will need to be taken into account to ensure your choice of wall decoration suits the room. You can also use clever shelving as part of your wall decoration to display objects or even books, which can look decorative against the wall. In this article, we look at ten trendy wall decorations you can affordably use to give your room a makeover.

1. Empty Frames

Picture frames can be simply gorgeous so why take away from their beauty by having a picture or photograph framed within. Elaborate and ornate picture frames can be bought quite cheaply from charity shops and boot sales so look out for pictures and buy them for the frame. A cluster of empty ornate gold frames on a dark wall is an elegant wall decoration reminiscent of a more gracious time.

2. Chalkboard Paint

In a child’s room or in the kitchen, an interactive wall decoration can be created as wall decoration. A notice board size square painted on a kitchen wall and framed with simple wood can be the family calendar or an ever-evolving art gallery that is created by any gifted artists or kids in the family. In children’s bedrooms, a chalk paint wall featuring some writing gives the feel of an old-fashioned nursery.

3. Magnetic Strips

For a utilitarian open plan type space, many people love to hang pictures, important papers, and much more on to the walls. Magnetic paint on a wall means an organic evolving wall decoration that is different every day.

4. Maps and Old Newspapers

Framed maps of your local area, especially very old or antique ones make a fantastic wall decoration for a study or hallway. Combined with old newspaper front pages the look is old colonial explorer and is ideal in an older home.

5. Ceiling Tiles

Designed for the ceiling but equally at home on the wall, these amazing metal or faux metal ceiling tiles in contemporary or antique styles look perfect on the wall. They can be up to a metre square if its drama you are after. The metal ceiling was a popular old American colonial look with exquisite tile designs available in a repro tile today.

6. Oriental Wall Hangings

A minimalist setting can be given a focal point with oriental wall hangings. There are many varieties and it is personal choice what is right for you. Japanese and Chinese wall hangings are delicate and beautiful often painted on rice paper or bamboo. Balinese and Thai wooden carvings give an exotic flavour to a stark wall.

7. Wall of Clocks

Tick tock, nobody said you only had to have one clock on the wall. Just for fun, several wall clocks hung artistically as wall decoration will amuse people and yet they look fabulous especially if they conform to a theme. They could be advertising themed clocks, retro clocks, old railway station type clocks, or even cuckoo clocks although that may be too noisy.

8. Textiles

Fabrics and Textiles are always a wonderful wall decoration idea and an interesting fabric can be stapled onto a simple frame to make a wall decoration piece. Tapestries can add a medieval feel to a room.

9. Digital Photo Frame

A large wall mounted digital photo frame can add interest to a wall and allows you to have a permanent slide show of all your favourite photographs that can also be set to show only one at a time and can also be switched off completely.

10. Sporting Achievements

Always on trend are personal items such as medals, rosettes and other sporting awards along with photographs showing the achievements won.

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