Week 6 of Interior Design Masters: Wine and Dine

Only 4 contestants left on the BBC’s new design competition, Interior Design Masters.

This week the tension was certainly mounting as the remaining designers battled it out to win a place in the semi-final and get closer to winning a commercial design contract at a London hotel.

Their task this week? To restyle a Bristol-based restaurant with a southern-European vibe.

How would you have tackled this brief? What would you have done to impress main judge Michelle Ogundehin? What advice surprised you from guest judge Thomasina Miers, winner of MasterChef and co-founder of Wahaca, a chain of Mexican “street food” restaurants?

Here at My Interior Design School, when we heard the design brief, we immediately thought about colour.

The warm, deep, earthy tones of the Mediterranean came to mind.

Combine them with some amazing ambient lighting, natural and textured accessories and style the interior space with a rustic-feel and ‘voila’ – we think the restaurant owner would soon have queues of hungry clients!

Food can be a fantastic starting point for a design scheme as you can see here in this student’s mood board.

Week 6 of Interior Design Masters: Wine and Dine

A bowl of peaches inspired this colour scheme.

Imagine this as a restaurant interior, with the warm hues of yellows, oranges and reds as you can see in this harmonious colour scheme. Would you be tempted to book a table here?

Week 6 of Interior Design Masters: Wine and Dine

Or do you prefer the reds and greens in this complementary colour scheme?

The bold print of the wallpaper and choice of tableware suggests Asian food, but what type of restaurant could you imagine this as a backdrop?

Week 6 of Interior Design Masters: Wine and Dine

This triadic colour scheme, based on yellow, red and blue was created for a fast-food restaurant by our student Maria. She’s used clearer tones to give an energetic feel to the space, which answers the brief to create a colour palette for a busy, high-volume eating area.

If you’d like to learn more about colours and how they work together to influence the feel of an interiors space, we have courses and workshops to teach you.

You may want to learn how to use colour in your own home, become a professional Colour Consultant or master the whole of interior design. For beginners or those looking to change career, we have a course for you!

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