Weekend Makeovers

Interior design Weekend MakeoverWith finance being tighter than ever these days, many people do not have the budget to have expensive home makeovers. If you have an eye for interior design (and if not you soon could have by taking one of our part time courses), you can bring an interior design look to your home and give a room a totally different aspect by carrying out some simple weekend projects. The results can be transformational and very rewarding.

Here are some ideas to make a big difference in a short space of time.


Although it may seem that your floor is not something that is generally noticed, you will be amazed at how the look of a room can be transformed simply by changing the floor. It does not have to be a major upheaval; a new floor covering is installed easily and affordably. If you have wooden floorboards, consider re-staining, re-varnishing, or even painting. You may wish to install a laminate floor, which with real wood veneer, looks as good as a real wood floor. A lighter colour will give your room a spacious feel. The most simple of floor makeovers is to add a colourful or toning rug to the living space. These changes will give a facelift to any room without any major redecorating.


Adding a fireplace to an otherwise bland room can add a cosy feel and focal point to a room. Without needing to build a chimney or undertake any structural work, a mobile electric heater will give you an authentic fireplace or cast iron stove look without breaking the bank. Modern electric heating appliances pay close attention to detail and give good heating as well as looking good. The faux flames, logs, coals, and even volcanic stones do not look tacky and you could even build a hearth and mantelpiece around the appliance.


Buying a new piece of furniture is a great excuse to re-arrange a room and make a feature of the new piece. One significant piece can completely change the way a room looks. For example, a kitchen table, dining table, or sofa will completely change the look of a room and you will be inclined to restyle existing objects in new ways to complement the new piece.


Different cushions and throws in a bedroom or living area can really rejuvenate the styling of a space. Good colour choices and artfully positioned throws and cushions will immediately transform your furnishings and the room style. You could consider making your own from fabric you already have or look for old curtains and other textiles in charity shops for a cheap option. Use bold colour so your new soft furnishings pop out from the chairs or bed they are set upon. You will be surprised how a room livens up with some colour and fabrics.


By painting one wall in a room, you can add drama and impact in the space of a few hours. This is your chance to channel your creative side and use some bold and extravagant choices to bring your room alive. This is the time to use vibrant colour like shocking pink, lime green, reds, and ocean blues in a neutral space to give the room energy and zest. Your accent wall can tie in other colours from the room to give a very nearly instant makeover.

Decorating strategically and quickly means you can totally change the look of your home over the course of a few weekends with minimal effort and expense. Put your imagination to the test!

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