What Is In-Home Colour Consultancy?

In-home colour consultancy is a fairly new aspect of interior design and one which is growing every day.

What Is In-Home Colour Consultancy?

Why Is Colour In the Home So Important?  

Colour is one of the most emotive aspects of designing interiors. Everyone has an opinion about colour. However, relatively few understand how colour in the home works.

Colour can totally transform a space.

Colour alone can make a room feel different. And change the perception of a room’s dimensions.

In fact, colour is so powerful it can affect the way we behave.

That’s why colour in the home is so important.

What Is In-Home Colour Consultancy?

Colour and Wellbeing

There is an increasing awareness of wellbeing and how our homes make us feel.

Colour can play such a powerful role in our wellbeing, it’s not surprising that independent Colour Consultants are being sought for their skills, techniques and know-how, to transform a space with colour. To help clients feel happier in their homes.

By using colour alone, a trained Colour Consultant can create a relaxing sanctuary, an uplifting space to entertain, a work area to enhance concentration and even choose colours to stimulate appetite in a dining area.

Certain colours can help us sleep better, make us feel refreshed, stimulate conversation or help us relax.

You could even say, colour in the home lets us live better.

What Is In-Home Colour Consultancy?

Colour and Personality

How we choose to decorate our homes is changing too. Gone are the days of painting interiors in a neutral palette to sell our homes and appeal to the most potential buyers.

Today, there is more emphasis on making interiors reflect our personalities. And colour plays a huge part in that.

The recent trend for dark colours, particularly black and navy paints is testament to this latest trend. 

The Psychology of Colour

What Is In-Home Colour Consultancy?

My Interior Design School was featured in The Times recently in acknowledgement of their expertise in psychology of colour in the home.

This fascinating area of interior design is becoming more mainstream as homeowners become increasingly aware of the powerful effect of colour in the home.

Inviting an Independent Colour Consultant to share their knowledge of the psychology of colour in the home can be hugely beneficial. Because they understand how to use colour to improve our emotional wellbeing.

Why Book An Independent Colour Consultant?

What Is In-Home Colour Consultancy?

The advantage of booking an independent colour consultant is exactly what it implies. Namely that the consultant is independent and so can recommend a palette and range of colours from any of the paint manufacturers.

This is a huge benefit to the client who can be reassured of being able to select, with the help and advice of their Colour Consultant, the best colour palette for their room or project.

Colour Consultant Certification

A Certified Colour Consultant will be trained in how to use colour to change the perception of a room’s dimensions.

So if you’re unsure how to make a living room appear larger, a hallway wider, a bedroom more cosy or a kitchen taller, a Colour Consultant will help.

A Journey of Colour and Design

Working with a Colour Consultant should be a fun, collaborative process where both the client and Consultant journey together to meet the client’s needs.

With the Consultant’s training and knowledge of the history of colour, appreciating the latest colour trends and expertise in enhancing a space with colour, the Colour Consultant will be able to lead the client, with the help of a brief, creating mood boards on a step-by-step process to choosing a suitable colour palette together.

Become a Certified In-Home Colour Consultant

What Is In-Home Colour Consultancy?

If you’re interested in becoming a Certified Colour Consultant, My Interior Design School runs a unique online course – My Colour Consultancy Course.

It is the UK’s No 1 Course for In-Home Certified Colour Consultants.

To train those who have a passion for colour, to become professional independent Colour Consultants.

This is the course for you if:

✓ You are a complete beginner and love colour

✓ You want to take your knowledge of colour to the next level

✓ You have an interior design background and want to specialise in colour

✓ You have a natural eye for colour but want to learn colour theory

✓ You would love to know how to combine colours successfully

✓ You are fascinated by colour psychology and want to discover more

✓ You would love the know-how to choose colours for different rooms

✓ You want to become colour confident

✓ You have a creative flair and want a course with practical, hands-on colour challenges

✓ You prefer to learn via a highly visual course and hundreds of photos

✓ You plan to change career and work in the world of interiors

✓ You dream of advising clients about colour

✓ You see the opportunity to be at the forefront of this new area of interior design

✓ You want to be trained by My Interior Design School – experts in colour tuition

✓ You value My Interior Design School’s experience in delivering online courses

✓ You want a course that’s easy to follow and not too technical

✓ You need a flexible course to suit your busy lifestyle

✓ You need a course with business advice, templates and step-by-step guides

✓ You want a course with no exams or deadlines

✓ You appreciate a value-for-money course

✓ You want to be trained as a Certified Colour Consultant

✓ You recognise the benefit in having a professional-standard qualification

✓ You want a Personal Tutor to support you throughout your course

✓ You want a course that you can start straightaway

✓ You are looking for a course to start today

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