Working From Home

6 Easy Ways To Design A Stylish Work Space

If you’ve found yourself working from home, how can you design a space to keep you focussed and inspired at the same time?

1. Improvise

Firstly, don’t worry if you don’t have an actual desk. A simple surface adapted for working can keep you motivated for the day ahead.

Working From Home

2. Stay Separate

Working From Home

If possible, try and have your work space away from the main family areas. A little distance will help you concentrate and separate family from work time.

If you don’t have a beautiful view from a window, hang a piece of art over your desk to spark joy instead.

3. Surround Yourself With Happy

Make your work area a place that makes you feel happy, comfortable and inspired.

Surround yourself with your favourite accessories. Treasured items will keep you motivated and positive.

Working From Home

Personalise your space to make it your own.
4. Comfortable Chair

If you don’t have an actual ‘office’ chair, borrow one from somewhere else in the home. Just make sure it’s comfortable.

Working From Home

However, for maximum comfort and to help posture it may be worth investing in a good office chair.

Working From Home
5. Bring The Outside In

If you’re spending more time inside than usual, think about bringing the outside in.

Working From Home

Plants can make your work space feel refreshing and has been proved to help our sense of wellbeing.

If space won’t allow, a small cactus could do the trick!

Working From Home
6. Get Creative

If you haven’t got your ‘normal’ office items at home, then get creative.

Working From Home

We love this ingenious alternative for a notice board. 

Are you working from home now?

Send us photos of your work space and tell us how you’re getting on. We’d love to hear your home working stories.

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