Your True Colours – how to learn about colour in the home

Would you love to be more confident with colour?

Have you ever wondered why some colours just seem to go together, but others don’t?

And how do you start planning a new colour scheme anyway?

Here at My Interior Design School we are passionate about teaching colour. Because it’s probably one of the most important things to get right.

In fact, we think it’s so important, we have a whole day dedicated to colour – in our face-to-face workshop Colour School TM.

We know lots of you find it hard to get colour right. That’s why in our courses and workshops we take you right back to learn the basics of colour, to understand the colour wheel and then teach you the ‘rules’ of colour and the theory of putting colours together.

With our help, advice, top tips and guidance we will build up your colour and design knowledge so at the end of a course or workshop, you can plan a room scheme feeling colour confident. You can even gain a Certificate or Diploma with us.

If you want to learn how to make a room feel bigger – we’ll show you how.

If you want to discover the secrets of using the latest colour trends.  You’ll learn that skill.

If you want to understand the psychology of colour and how colours make you feel. You’ll be amazed at what we reveal.

If you dream of working for clients and starting your own consultancy business. We can give you the tricks of the trade.

Here are some colour mood boards created by My Interior Design School students.

Jane is a student on My Colour Consultancy Course and hopes to advise clients on their colour schemes in the future. You can follow her course progress via her Instagram account @myhomeofcolour.

Joanne created this ‘complementary’ colour scheme using oranges and blues. Her mood board shows her paint choices and fabrics for this fresh, contemporary look.

Dawn learned how to put together a ‘monochromatic scheme’. Here is her blue colour mood board. We love the way she included her inspiration images and used lots of different tones and shades to make this a really interesting colour scheme.

Don’t worry if some of the colour theory terms are new to you. All our courses are suitable for complete beginners. You’ll just need a passion for interior design and learning new skills to enjoy and do well on our courses and workshops!

Our student Maria created this colour trend mood board showing the latest passion for pink and blush tones.

We hope seeing these students’ colour mood boards has inspired you to learn more about interior design and colour with us.  

We have courses and workshops to help you restyle your home, train to be a colour consultant or take the first steps to a new career in interior design. If you’re not sure which one is best for you, then give our Course Director, Anne a call on (01242) 252 477 or email [email protected] today.

She would love to hear from you, learn more about your plans and help you choose the best course for you to show us your true colours!

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